11 Internet marketing strategies to win digital marketing.

Internet marketing strategies are like a wingman of a digital marketer.

Its role is to support your business to approach potential customers online.
Entrepreneurs having years of experience can get the strategies wrong which will initially lead to low traffic and losing potential clients. Market penetration is what all businesses need and wants.
According to a 2019 survey engaging & measuring the results are the challenging barriers to success for 49% and 47% of marketing influencers respectively. So, it’s loud and clear for all of us conducting an online business or brand that not having internet marketing strategies will be nearly difficult for your business to thrive.

Now, lets come to the strategizing part, you know you need them but where to start?
There are plenty and you should use a handful of them. Starting with basic strategies that will work for you in the future whether there is a change in digital marketing trends. A business or a marketer need to comprehend or execute internet marketing strategies for maximum results.

Here are the top Internet Marketing Strategies.

Internet marketing strategy

Content Writing

Content is like an invitation card for the products and services of your company. It is the most important part of forming your company’s strategies.you definitely heard this “Content is King”. It’s universal for businesses to create attractively and out of the box content for their audience. A person would never buy a product or use a service before knowing its features and properties and if your content portrays your brand in a distinct light than the other competitors they will surely get tempted to the pitch.

Content is useful in many ways like:

• Blogging

Blogging is a way to advertise your content writing skills to the audience. You can write blogs relating to your products, brands, and services. It’s a great way to add new keywords in your content which will automatically help you to rank higher for that particular keyword on the search result pages.

• Guest posting

Posting content on another website and getting links in return is what guest posting is about. By posting your valuable content on someone else the website will transfer the link juice towards your website. You will get instant exposure to the audience that you were not able to reach for a long time. Linking the content to your website link will get a huge amount of referral traffic as well.

• Constructing “linkbait”

Creating content that triggers a specific audience and adding some reference links are a source of strong backlinks. Backlinks are the outbound links that send the traffic from one link to another building a strong web of backlinking. A properly created page can captivate immense links on its own with little to no effort from you.
To know more click on the link and get a complete guide to link building.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is like a bible for every digital marketer. Search engine optimization is the path that every digital marketer has to pass for ranking their website on the search engine result page ( SERP).
For effective SEO of your business, you need to optimize your website pages with high ranking keywords in the Page titles, Headlines, URLs, Meta tags, description, and content.

Writing content and keyword researching is an influential part of On-page SEO. Whereas, social bookmarking, SMM, directory submission, blog submission, forum marketing, and link building is part of off-page SEO.
You as a website owner need to implement off-page and on-page SEO. On-page SEO are the factors that can be controlled by you as the website owner and off-page SEO are the key ranking factors on the search engines.

Rich snippets are part of the ranking factor for SEO. It shows additional information that displays in the search engine results such as reviews, images, local results, and more. Five-star customer ratings & reviews and answers to a search query are part of a rich snippet. By using it you can display more information and improve the organic traffic of your website.

Influencer Marketing

Sometimes we don’t want to make a purchase or don’t need it yet, buy it on our friends or close relatives’ reference because we trust them. They influenced our decision about buying a product.
That’s exactly what happens in “Influencer Marketing”.
Celebrity endorsement is a massive part of influencing their fans into buying the product and it always works.
It’s the collaboration of a brand and an industry influencer to target all the customers and not any particular audience.

Let’s take an example, Youtube is a social media platform filled with multiple industry influencers.
Say, if you are an Organic cosmetic brand and new to the market the first step is to penetrate the market and compete with other dominant competitors of the products. You can collaborate with the youtube beauty influencer and ask them to review your products and ask the subscribers to try them.1 best Digital Marketing Services to win the competition1 best Digital Marketing Services to win the competitionAccustoming this internet marketing strategy will surely kickstart your sales and boost your brand promotion campaigns.

Conversion rate optimization

Making your site more credible and easier to explore is what drives traffic. Directing the customers into the wrong way won’t make a transaction.
For making it more clear, let’s say if a person goes to a restaurant and wanted to taste authentic Chinese cuisine but you don’t serve Chinese. The customer will simply leave the place. That’s what conversion rate optimization is about. As a website owner, your aim should not only be driving huge traffic on the website but your content and products should be improvizing with time and trends for the audience to make a purchase.

Integrating the Conversion Rate Optimization strategy in your internet marketing strategies will undoubtedly give fruitful results and major conversions. Use that natural marketing sense so that more percentage of your visitors just don’t scroll and read but take some actions. CTAs( Call To Action) on your website will tell a visitor to what action to take why to take it. On average a typical website conversion rate hangs just under 2.5%. and it is advisable to aim to crack into upmost 10%.

Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is pretty much common now for promoting a brand or a company, but to use it in its full potential is the trick.
Social media is not only used to increase the visibility of the content but the reach through shares of the post with your friends is the main point. Linking your post with the main website brings a lot of organic traffic to the site, and for that, your post has to be engaging and catchy.

Social media automation reduces the work of a social media marketer by optimizing social interactions using automated tools.
Buffer, Hootsuite, Social alerts are some of the common automation tools which become a helping hand for the marketer in scheduling the social media posts ahead of time. This way you can designate your spare time in achieving other marketing strategy goals.
Google trends can be used for a powerful social media brand presence. New burning topics and live updated can be applied to write content for the post and articles and beneficial sources of creating backlinks.

Deciding genuine topics for marketing venues for your brand and employing quick opportunities with real-time marketing will be a golden factor for your brand’s influence on social media.

Paid Marketing

Organic content is the winner of your website. Whereas, blending paid promotional advertisements will lend a hand to boosts the performance of your website.
Paid marketing supports to build awareness of your brand by targeting ads at specific customers and specific companies.
Using engagement campaigns is necessary and tagging a famous influencer is a strategy to go for.

The impressive thing about paid advertising is that it can provide an immediate return to the user That’s why it is more popular among companies to have a hefty sum to use in the campaigns.

Some of the most famous platforms for a marketing agency to use for paid promotion:

Linkedin is a B2B social media platform used by entrepreneurs and different business owners to interact. Personal interaction with a professional audience can be done by activating ads customized for each member based on LinkedIn profile data which increases your conversion rates. You can set your budget, determine impressions, and stop your ads at any time using Campaign Manager.
Facebook offers a surplus of targeting and retargeting options so you can show your ads to a large audience irrespective of demographics, location, behaviours, etc. Moreover, the CTR of Facebook ads. is rising firmly and improves its advertising tools.
Youtube is a video-based platform. 2019 stats reveal that over 2 billion people use youtube worldwide. These no. are crazy for anyone and a great source of the potential audience for your business.
Goggle Adwords allows you the opportunity to put your business in front of millions of people when they are looking for similar products or services that your business offers. It’s a better promotional tool than SEO. It helps to reconnect you with your lost leads and explore more areas that your business has ever reached.

Affiliate and Referral Marketing

Marketing is not always as easy as it seems. The sale of a product or use of service doesn’t happen overnight. The risk of using affiliate & referral marketing is low and more to benefit from it. Still, everyone does not have enough knowledge of affiliate sales and how to apply strategies with it. In affiliate programs, a person who does not know you personally say, influence or blogger will get affiliate links to you in return for some compensation. An advocate does not need to know the customer personally. Whereas, referral marketing stands on word of mouth. Asking your friends and family to buy something with your reference is part of the referral.

An affiliate program focuses on website owners and big influencers The traffic directed to the website are the customers searching for a product for and does not have a prior relationship with the owner. It’s a platform that will boost credibility and awareness of your brand.
A referral program is all about personal engagement. It is building a bond or a relation between your brand and existing customer base so they could share recommend your brand. Small businesses can take full profit from referral clients considering it as one of the most efficient internet marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not only about sending emails to your customers or just generating leads. You can hit bull’s eye with your email campaigning if done with diligence and proper strategy. Catch the purchasing habits of your customers and use that data to strengthen your plan. Optimize your emails for mobile users. This is the era of smartphones and catering to this audience will bring higher ROI for your efforts. So, don’t lose the chance of converting leads into customers.

Segmentation of your subscriber is a way to grab more engagement of customers. Some subscribers can be interested in learning about digital marketing whereas some want to know more about content writing. So personalizing your marketing emails is necessary or you’ll be missing out on sales opportunities.

You must have heard about the A/B testing of websites but A/B testing email messages is important to compare two or more campaign options is the most effective in terms of encouraging clicks. So, after segmenting your emails A/B Testing is to be performed. Picking one or two elements and see how that improves conversions before testing other elements to know how the audience responds. A/B testing is also called split testing.
Here are the elements needs to be considered for A/B testing

• Personalization of emails
• Design element (e.g. color, layout, length, etc.)
• Content
• Headline
• Closing text
• Testing a combination of offers

This list above of internet marketing strategies is by no means exhaustive but is part of strategies which are timeless ones.

These Internet Marketing Strategies can be used to obtain more profits and return on investments.
Blending these strategies will help you elevate your website and promote your brand on the global level. These will back you up for channelizing your campaigns on different internet platforms.
When administered properly, the strategies listed throughout really works miracle for your stigma and should continue to work in future also.

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