#1 the best Internet Marketing Services helps to grow businesses.

” What is Internet marketing services?”

Let’s start with answering this quick question

Internet marketing services is all about promoting or selling your brand name and its products or services through the internet(Digital channels). Nowadays, using the internet is a simple and structured solution as it is very easy to understand and the majority of the population now uses the internet to find what they are looking for. Internet marketing services is also known as online marketing have a close relationship with content marketing.

We are saying that internet marketing service is similar to content marketing since to promote your services or brand online you need to pitch the audience so that they can buy your products. For that writing, attractive and winning content is a must for engaging the audience. Your content speaks for your business, giving them a picture about your business.{Content is King}

Why should you switch from traditional marketing to Internet marketing services?  

Internet marketing services are a new age method for marketers for online marketing and promoting services and products of different businesses. You can interact with your customers on social media through comments and reviews. According to a global digital report of 2019 45% of the world’s population are now social media users: a whopping 3.5 billion people. Interactive website chatbots are part of AI asks the visitor to fill a form to know what they are searching for, their likes and dislikes, querries, etc.

Whereas, traditional marketing has less or no interaction with the customers nowadays. Radio, television ads.,print media, magazines, telephone, books are part of traditional media. A budget prepared by you has to be given the right direction to gain more. Internet marketing services use fewer resources than traditional marketing. Leveraging the internet marketing services assists you to reach potential leads or customers.

Above all else, you must consider your situation before turning your back on traditional marketing. It’s important to remember that Internet marketing services and online or digital marketing is quickly growing, but traditional marketing can still deliver results.

How can Semirer Digital as an Internet marketing agency helps you to grow your business?

Semirer Digital will make a full-fledged marketing strategy for your business which will captivate keen customers and drive more traffic to your website. Digital marketing keeps on shuffling, a lot of changes occur in Google algorithms, social media guidelines and new trends keep on coming. To shield your business for these unexpected change we furnish you with updates and insights.

We will not only help you gain new customers but how to keep the existing ones or the ones your business has lost. Getting professional will come to your aid and reduce unnecessary marketing costs and make it of optimal use.

Talking about Internet marketing services and how will it assist you to get customers to earn a handsome profit ( like that’s what we all want right?).

Let’s just jump to the main part like how many types of services do Semirer Digital offer to their clients?

Our internet marketing services 

Internet marketing services

Search engine optimization 

SEO(Search engine optimization )is used to rank higher on search engines like Goggle and Bing.

To rank higher you need to meet no. of criteria set by different search engine like Google, Bing. Targeting the right keyword to rank your website is necessary. Thorough research of a keyword with different tools will target the right audience and generate leads. On-page and Off-page optimization is an organic part of SEO. Both are the arms of Search engine optimization. As stated above about the keyword research, we Seminar as a Digital marketing agency provide you the best keyword research for you business as out initial internet marketing services. SEO begins with keyword research. Keyword research is the thing that leads to win half the competition in your niche or business category.

Local SEO

You must have heard about a new term of SEO, “Local SEO” which helps your business target audience near your demographic area. It reaches your intended audience and informs people about new local services. Targeting customers through local SEO with the use of existing customer reviews and your Google Places listing can be optimized to get extra sales with minimum effort.Local SEO is accomplished by Google My Business.

Search Engine Marketing 

Search engine marketing (SEM) is all about paid advertisement on search engines like google, Bing.Every Search engine have it’s own Advertisement platforms. Advertisers bid on popular keywords searched by people on search engines. This gives the advertiser the opportunity for their ads to appear alongside results for those search queries. Search engine marketing puts the ads. in front of people who are already motivated to make the purchase. This is an effective way to expand your business activities.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing covers all the popular Social media platforms used to promote your brand online. The key is to build connections, join groups and stimulate interactive content. You can attract millions of visitors each day and facilitate brand awareness. With well-focused social media campaigns, your business can pull steady revenue and traffic to your website.

Online Reputation Management

If your brand has lost reputation due to one mistake or a high amount of competition, we help you to restore that trust in the eyes of customers. Your company can lose its reputation due to negative comments and reviews given online by your existing customers. A brand presence helps to sustain the business in the long run. In traditional marketing, a PR team is hired to keep the bad publicity away and grab as much positive media coverage as possible. Whereas, online goodwill of a business is maintained by employing strategies of procuring positive reviews about services or products by genuine buyers. Your focus should be on popular review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s.

Video Marketing and Optimization

Our brain can process visuals swiftly than text.

Interactive and responsive video campaigns are coming into the course. Integrating videos for building customer & fast promotion with marketing campaigns is a modern trend. People love watching videos as they are interesting to watch and have a higher engagement rate. The audience grasps more information while they see engaging content. Short and informative videos are more useful than text ads.87% of online marketers use video content. According to a report More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

Content Marketing

Writing organic content and publishing it at the right time on the right platform is content marketing. Knowing and writing content and letting it talk to your readers is the job of a content writer. But writing compelling content will help your business? The answer is creating SEO friendly content will help you rank your website on search engines.

We are here to help you create SEO friendly content. You can add new pages on your website to serve more extensive viewers while boosting and sustaining brand voice.

Content is vital for your business to thrive, spending time and money on powerful content is a reliable strategy to adopt.

Mobile Marketing

Making your website mobile-friendly is what every business needs. If your website is not a responsive website you will lose a good amount of potential leads. Mobile phones are the best devices for you in promoting your products. Sending texts to different customers using mobile devices is good for the campaign.Even Mobile friendliness is also the ranking factor stated by google because most of the user are accessing internet via mobile devices.

As an Internet marketing services provider we will provide you this facility also. Even we can run advertisement only on mobile devices to engage more audience.Digital marketing or Internet marketing is offering us to narrow the reach of our ads. to the potential buyers we just need to find out who is our potential buyers.

Mobile marketing is already happening, we are living in the era of smartphones. In 2019 marketing budgets spend on mobile advertising are 72% and still increasing.

Website development and Designing

New to online and want to start a new website or have a website yet need to custom design we are here for you.

Many companies do not think much of their business website, though your website is your business address and needs to be kept up to date. Like the interior of your house impresses your guest the look and feel of the website approach new guests. You need to send a message to people that your business is different from others. They need to see your efforts so they can make a purchase.

Email Marketing or optimization

Email marketing is not properly utilized by marketers often. However, applying a different and fresh approach to email marketing can also generate important and useful leads. In 2017, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will reach 269 billion. Personalization of messages, segmenting your subscriber and crafting and sending mobile-friendly messages are the main points to remember before beginning with email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing can also be created and maintained as automation. This is also provided as an internet marketing services by us. We will craft email series as per your business that enagage your audience via email as well.

Paid Advertising

If your website is not ranking on the first page of Google results for a search query this is a quick answer.

Pay per click campaigns is a paid form of promotion. Display and text advertisement campaigns are a huge part of it. We are there to help you strategize the paid campaigns, decide the budget and execute the will balance campaign to earn a lot of traffic and get high conversion rates. A poorly thought of an idea and amateur doing will not convince the viewer to click on the ad.

With paid advertising, we will help you utilize your content to upgrade your brand with specific keywords and obtain more fitted leads.

Lead Generation and Lead Recovery

Lead generating is drawing the attention of new customers and converting them into paying customers. We will assist your business to convince your potential customer with various tactics to use your services or buy the products. Whereas, lead recovery is bringing back those lost leads which could have become potential customers.

Recollecting your companies leads back is crucial for small businesses to make up for the lost revenue that your company underwent.

Free SEO Audit and Consultation

  1. We will provide free SEO auditing and consultation services to our clients, to know your website is SEO friendly or not. Our job will be creating an SEO friendly website for search engines to crawl each page on the website efficiently, interpret the content completely, and index it in their database. The following are the hints you need to know to start developing SEO friendly website:


  1. Your target keyword should always be in Title, body and meta description.
  2.  URLs for the pages should be user-friendly
  3. No duplicate content
  4. Create an XML Sitemap.
  5. Use Robots.txt
  6. Focus on internal linking
  7. Use do-follow links for external linking
  8. Make it device friendly
  9. Use Robots.txt

GET Free SEO Audit and Consultation

Graphic Designing

Semiere Digital has its professional in house graphic designer who uses the latest and updated computer software to make your work easy. We also use our in-house photographers as well as trusted outside resources for studio and on-site assignments. Custom photography transforms ordinary marketing campaigns into a dominant client and brand-building assets.

Contact us for photography.

Web Chatting

Web chatting is a flexible tool your website can use. It will make the communication process between you and your clients. It helps you support customers in need of help. You can provide any information asked by the customer or solve their grievances. It enables you to boost your sales by retaining the right candidates at the right time and generating a tonne of distinct leads.

Penalties Recovery

Imposed penalties by search engines on your website is not good for your business website traffic. Google penalties are a by-product of an algorithm update or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques. When your site gets a penalty, your target audience is incapable to locate you. And when you are invisible to your target audience, your traffic, and eventually revenue, falls. We will assist you to regain the traffic back to your website by the different methods.

SEO for E-Commerce 

The E-Commerce industry is swiftly developing and evolving. It’s one of the highest online business industry till date. Amazon. Flipkart, Alibaba, eBay, Jabong are the leading e-commerce websites. To compete with these sharks in the ocean is a task for small and medium companies, your website should be fairly optimized and deal with products and services that excite new shoppers. We partner with both B2C and B2B businesses to grow your organic and paid traffic simultaneously.

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